How to Setup MX Merchant Gateway + Integrations

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These are instructions to get you started with coreCLEAR’s MX Merchant payment gateway.


1.) Navigate To:


2.) Click “Sign In”


3.) Click “Create New User”


4.) Verify Your Email

 Enter the owner email you listed on application for your merchant account, and click “Verify”.


5.) Receive Verification Email

 Click on the verification link found within the email you received in your inbox.


6.) Set Up Password

Once you click on the verification link you will be directed to create and confirm a password for your account.


7.) Sign in to MX6

Click Continue and you will be signed into MX6.

Applications / API


Instructions to create, and manage the API credentials for your 3rd Party applications.


1.) Go to “Settings” and click on the “Applications/API” tile.


2.) Create New Application Key


Click the +Add Application button on the top right, give your new API Key a name and description, and click "Generate Key".


In the table, each row will display seven important details about each set of API keys.


● API Key Name                 Name your application

● Description                     Provide a summary of what your application is doing

● Role                                 This will mirror the role of the user who created the key and secret

● Active                              Yes or No indication to show if your application is active

● Consumer Key.               Used to display the application-specific key

● Show Secret                   This information is hidden until you click the green text

● Merchant ID                    This distinguishes your merchant account to reference in your API integrations

GunBroker Integration:


 How to Use the Immediate Checkout Process

How to Enable Items for Immediate Checkout

Immediate Checkout - Supported Payment Gateways

Checkout Settings and Setting Up a Payment Gateway


 MX Merchant gateway is listed as “coreCLEAR” under compatible gateways

WooCommerce Plug-In:


If you have a WordPress site with WooCommerce as your e-commerce plugin, we have an MX Merchant WooCommerce plugin that you can use.


Compatibility Notice:
Note that the MX Merchant WooCommerce plugin needs to have at least the following minimum requirements:
 WooCommerce v3.0
PHP v5.7

MXMerchant WooCommerce PlugIn Installation:


1.) Sign into with your login credentials.


2.) Select “Apps” from the left navigation menu and activate the “MX Developer” app.


3.) Once activated go to Settings then Applications/API.


4.) Select Add Application.


5.) Create a Name and Description for the Key, then Generate Key.


6.) Once you select Generate Key then you will see the Consumer Key, Secret, and Merchant ID needed for the new plugin.


7.) Download the plugin .zip file and add it to your Wordpress site.


8.) Activate the new PlugIn and click Settings.


9.) Enter in Merchant ID and Key Information (created in MXMerchant) to the plugin settings page under Production Consumer Key and Production Secret Key.



Important Note
Make sure you deactivate your old credit card payment plugin if you had one!




● (800) 935-5961                         24/7 Call Center

●       8am - 8pm EST

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